Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Former Rivermarket Employee Serves 15 Years Prison -Other "Connected" Criminals Go Unpunished

"ADC Number: 128873
Name:Sheard , Jackson

Initial Receipt Date: 08/04/2009
Current Facility: East AR Region.Unit
PE / TE Date*: 10/18/2013
Total time*: 15 yrs.
* may be affected by other laws and regulations
Current Prison Sentence History

- CERTIFIED Habitual Offender
- 07/27/2009PULASKI2009-745 180 mo.
Commercial Burglary
- CERTIFIED Habitual Offender
- 07/27/2009PULASKI2009-745 180 mo.
Criminal Mischief-1st Deg
- CERTIFIED Habitual Offender
- 07/27/2009PULASKI2009-745 180 mo.
Theft Of Property
- CERTIFIED Habitual Offender
- 07/27/2009PULASKI2009-745 180 mo.
Prior Prison Sentence History

Note: Data reflected covers periods of incarceration since -

THEFT OF PROPERTY06/09/2003PHILLIPS2003-27 36 mo."


That's one hell of a criminal hungh? Yep, most drug addicts resort to crime, to get high.  So, why would the former  & disgraced Rivermarket manager, Shannon Light, REGULARLY and "innocently" leave large bundles of cash plainly lain upon her desk for the takin'? 

Especially when a "secured" safe was only STEPS away.  I mention "secured" because even the drug addict and former four-year Rivermarket employee, Jackson Sheard, knew where she kept the combination for the safe. *NOTE: it does you absolutely NO good, to change combinations for the "secured" safe, when you keep the combo in the same place within your desk for ten years.

More damning information & shocking facts are forthcoming regarding this most interesting of stories. 

Now that Jackson Sheard, a drug addicted criminal with no support system, has been Jim Crow warehoused with the rest of the unsupported Darkies, where are the lighter criminals at?  Oh, I guess being fired from their jobs is punishment enough? Maybe it is for Assistant City Managers that don't care to be questioned about his inept and suspicious supervision of this avoidable FUBAR of a situation.

My problem is, where the hell is the rest of the Little Rock Rivermarket criminals, you know thieves like the disgraced former Rivermarket employees Damon Hoffman & the misappropriating Shannon Light.

OH I get it, if you are supervised by an inept assistant City Manager, that let's you steal & missappropriate over $100,000 of the tax paying citizen's of Little Rock's money, you can get away with it! 

Remember, what good 'ol boy Little Rock Assistant City Manager, Bryan Day ridiculously said? The Rivermarket is a PARK!!  A PARK? What makes it a PARK Bryan Day? 

That fact that you and "others" decided to manage this ENTERTAINMENT/COMMERCE DISTRICT under the Parks & Recreation Division of Little Rock is the genius reason/excuse for your failures in leadership and your lack of imagination there Bryan, to call a BUSINESS district a PARK? It sadly reeks of a narrow-minded agenda.

Corruption and small-minded petty agendas fester throughout this city and totally pervade the Rivermarket district.  Corruption Sucks Blog fully intends to publically explore WHY so much tax payer money was misapropriated and covered-up by people like Assistant City Manager Bryan Day, charged with monitoring the criminals and held regular meetings as well as audits.  Get your FOIA hat's on Little Rock, 'cus it's goin' DOWN.

We shall be demanding that the Rivermarket Jailhouse Beating video be released featuring the dirty Rivermarket cop officer Shannon Dewayne Cox (Wayne Cox).  Officer Cox is seen simply standing by observing another fellow cop smash a suspect into a Pulaski County Jailhouse window with such force that it shattered the SECURITY window.  These two 4th ammendment bustin' dirty scumbags falsified their police report, because they figured, hey, no one is gonna' believe anything that black-ass bum has to say, so we don't have to admit to whoopin' his drunk ass!

Little did these two morons know, that when you smash a human being or anything else through a window, that window MUST be replaced.  A person at the Pulaski County Jail responsible for replacing the glass looked at the JAIL VIDEO(Duh, you were being recorded in jail dim-wits!) to see how it was broken.  Guess what they saw? Tweedle-Dee smashing a drunk's head into a jailhouse window, while Tweedle-Dum is standing next to him pickin' his butt with a big fat dirty cop smile on his face, while violating this human being's fourth ammendment rights.

Oh, we've just got started.  The American Creole Indian Nation is sick of this illegal Jim Crow Style corruption crap here in Little Rock.  We are commited, we will see this through. 

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